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Uncommon Logic | Impacting Results

Strategic Alliances are the lifeblood to any successful business operation.

Don't let your network run dry. Stay connected.

T3 Consortium - Local- Dedicated - Committed to working with you to deliver the best you can for your customers.



The T3 Alliance Network




Every business needs support services to further develop their own business capabilities. T3 Consortium treats your business like it's our own, measuring success only by the success of the sum of the whole. Unlike Rotaries and Chambers, the Consortium chooses alliances that have proven credentials and success criteria, so strong that all businesses within the consortium share business opportunities...just like our own.

Below is a list of the businesses linked via the T3 Consortium Alliance program. If you are a company looking for expand your professional capabilities, the T3 Consortium might be exactly what you need to expand your business.

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Information Technology

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Real Estate

For a complete list of target services within each of the listed categories, please click here.

T3 Consortium
Alliance Network Benefits

  • Exclusive Category Ownership

  • Customer Discount Program

  • Client Referral Network Program*

  • Sales Revenue Profit Share (Dollar Contribution Weighted Rebate Program)

  • Automated Web Based Referral Program

  • B2B Service Credit/Barter Program

  • Quarterly Referral Credit Allocation. Work with other innovative professional service providers

  • Business brainstorming sessions. Cross Training Sessions.

  • Cross Selling Opportunities

  • Chamber of Commerce exposure

  • Cross Marketing campaigns

  • Internet billboard webpage

  • Monthly Cross Business Networking Sessions

  • Online Web Survey Subscription ($599 annual value)

  • Free Marketing Research

  • T3 eMail accounts (forwardable)

  • Technical Support

and much more...

Alliance Network Criteria:

  • Acceptance subject to T3 Consortium Alliance Membership Board.
  • Category must be free from other members
  • Must have a strong corporate positive image
  • Must be a member of BBB and local chamber of commerce (promoting local support)
  • Must be hungry, aggressive, and entrepreneurial.
  • Membership evaluated on an annual basis.



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Click Here for additional information on this service

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Real Estate

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