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February 15, 2005 --

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) might have nothing to do with soil rotation, but it can make your IT organization grow into something beautiful.

T3 Consortium LLC discusses why ITIL is important for today's IT infrastructure.- New York

TractorNot since Winston Churchill has the British Government created such a useful achievement. Sure there's the Queen, but even she can't control the quality of software development these days. It took the Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) to create what has become a global phenomenon. It's called ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. An 8 part process, called ITIL Sets, it is defined officially as " a consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practice for IT Service Management." Let's take a closer look.

Seriously, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is one of those processes that can't be left alone once it's started. ITIL currently comprises eight 'sets': Service Support;Six Sigma

  • Service Support
  • Service Delivery
  • Planning to Implement Service Management
  • Security Management
  • ICT Infrastructure Management
  • The Business Perspective
  • Applications Management
  • Software Asset Management

Each category has it's own program requirements, deliverables, and responsibilities....much like many of the other quality initiatives (Six Sigma, and CMM/CMMi modeling), there is one common thread among these quality processes- YOU NEED SENIOR MANAGEMENT BUY IN! We're talking from the top down. There have been so many times when a great idea was sent down the pipe to lower level managers, only to die on the vine a few months later.

There are a number of key websites you can go to find out more about ITIL. This was meant to be a VERY brief introduction to the process. There are a few books on the topic in the T3 Consortium store.

For additional information on ITIL can be found by typing ITIL into the search box below (just make sure you've got an extra large coffee to go with it!)



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What does rotating soil and ITIL have in common? Nothing.....

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