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Somerset Hills History Mash Up Created to Open History to All

Using Mash Ups to Teach History
Basking Ridge, New Jersey

March 23, 2007

Not your normal press release, but this isn't a normal history lesson either.Somerset Hills History Mash UpFor anyone that moves to a new area and wants to feel like a local, the first thing to do is to think like a local by understanding the local history." And that's what Brooks Betz is preaching. "What I've tried to do here, is give people one central place to get an idea of what went on, where it happened, and provide a little color and graphics along with some of today's most interesting technology" says Brooks Betz, the volunteer creator of the Somerset Hills History Mash-up. The beta (test version) was released this week.

What's a mash-up you say? Well, I'm sure there's lots of varying definitions Click Here, but in it's simplest form, it's joining a variety of technologies or data and presenting it in a different way. You never know what people are thinking about (see for yourself). "I found this great website that shows how much snow there is at Ski Resorts in VT. I found another one that tells me where I can get package goods, along with directions, hours of operation, along with when they're open and how far they are from my house" says Betz. "How cool is that! Just think where the technology could go."

Google MapsOne of the most common mash-up techniques uses Google Maps, and the Google Map API (application program interface). The designer "mashes" their information into the Google Maps technology and voila, out comes a map that tells you something. Actually it's a map, a GPS, a satellite, a direction finder, all in one.

"I just used it to create a place where people can learn more about the history of the Somerset Hills" says Betz. "Don't get me wrong. This is NOT to replace any formal historical efforts, but a different tool that let's a newcomer like me understand a bit more about what this area is all about."

And don't think it's going to stay the same. It will change as often as history does!

Check it out for yourself - Click Here

Submitted: March 28, 2007

For additional information please email T3 Consortium

Sites Covered:

Alward Homestead / Alward Farmhouse, Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, Bedminster Hotel / Howard Hotel / Willie’s Tavern, Boudinot-Southard-Ross Property, Coffee House - 1804 House (Private), Dr. Henry and Phoebe Vanderveer House, Essex Hunt Club - Private, Estate - Jackie Onassis, Far Hills Race Meeting Site, Gladstone Train Station, Historic District - Basking Ridge, Historic District - Franklin Corners, Historic District - Lamington, Historic District - Liberty Corner, Historic District - Pluckemin, Historic District - Pottersville, Jacobus Vanderveer House (Public), Jockey Hollow - Morristown Ntl Historic Park, John Jacob Astor Estate (Public), Lamington Black Cemetery, Lord Stirling Manor, Lore - Devils Tomb, Lore - Jacobs Ladder, Lore - Phareloch Haunted Castle (Private), Lore - The Devil Tree, Lore - Vealtown Tavern, Mansion - Blairsden (Private), Mansion - Boulderwood (Private), Mansion - Craigmore (Private), Mansion - Dunwalke (Private), Mansion - Hamilton Farm (Public/Private), Mansion - Hickory Corner (Private), Mansion - Kenilwood (Private), Mansion - Mosey/Hillandale Estate – (Private), Mansion - Natirar Estate - Kate Macy Ladd, Mansion - Peachcroft (Private), Mansion - Peapacton (Private), Mansion - Shale House (Private), Mansion - South Down (Private), Mansion - Stronghold (Private), Mansion - The Maples, Mansion - Timberfield (Private), Mansion - Trump / Delorean Estate, Mansion - Upton Pyne (Private), Mansion - USGA Museum - Frothingham Estate, Mansion - Vernon Manor (Private), Mansion - Yademos (Private), McDonalds/Kline's Mills (Private), Mellick - This Old Farm, Peapack Limestone Kiln, Pluckemin Artillery Encampment (Private), Reynolds - Scherman House (Private), The Brick Academy, Widow Whites Tavern Site


For Additional information on History in and around the Somerset Hills, try the Historical Society of the Somerset Hills -
Click Here or for Somerset County Registered HIstorical Sites - Click Here

Latest Update : August 15, 2009

Old Map (Mapbuilder.net) Check it out for yourself - Click Here (decommissioned 2008)


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