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T3 Partners with famed Historical Society to create web presence




T3 Partners with famed Historical Society to create web presence.- Basking Ridge, New Jersey

September 12, 2006 --
Bringing The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills into the digital age opens the door to history for all.

Known as the New Jersey getaway for the landed gentry, The historic Somerset Hills region of New Jersey has long been one of the quiet historical treasures of the state. From the early days of the American Revolution, to the late stage of the industrial age, The Historic Society of The Somerset Hills needed to let it's story be told.

"T3 Consortium has longed to work with the famed Historical Society," stated Brooks Betz, Director of IT Services for T3 Consortium. "It's the jewel of the state and has amazing stories that have gone untold to the masses. We're looking forward to letting their stories be told."

While the project is in its early stages, the site will contain some interesting dynamic content including random local historical tidbits on every page reload, a dynamic historical picture library, and a chronological historical "This Day in History" to welcome visitors. Also included within the website will be local interest, news, events, and an online community discussion forum.

Housed in the famous Brick Academy in the Basking Ridge section of Bernards Township, members of the Historical Society, as well as many local residents in the area are very excited about the project. The Somerset Hills encompasses the areas of Bernards Township, Bedminster, Bernardsville, and the twin boros of Peapack and Gladstone. George L. Fricke, Church Historian for the Presbyterian Church in Basking Ridge, looks forward to the release of the site. "It's a long time overdue," says Fricke. " I've been working on the history within the graveyard here, and I know how exciting it can be to open up the history for all to see and read on the internet."

"We plan to create an area new interactive community of historical buffs, who are interested in learning about the rich history of this area", states Betz. "It's really quite exciting to start telling their stories. Betz hopes to work with THSSH to create the more personal side of history. "Once we get the raw facts out there and digitized, we hope to begin documenting, diaries, letters, housing history's and things that represent the period, and not just the major historical events or famous people."

For additional information on The Historical Society of The Somerset Hills (formerly known as the Basking Ridge Historical Society), please visit them on the web at www.historicalsocietyofsomersethills.org  ,or you can cheat and use www.brickacademy.org .


For additional information on The Historical Society of The Somerset Hills can be found by typing THSSH, or Historical Society of Somerset Hills into the search box below.

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