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Recent Focus

Software Lifecycle Quality Assurance & Quality Management Re-Engineering.

Creating Web Presence for non-profit organizations.

Integrating Offshore capability to the Software Development Lifecycle for large enterprise wide financial institutions.



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News and Events involving or impacting the businesses of T3 Consortium. For additional information about any of the information contained here, please feel free to contact us directly.
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Articles of Interest

Community Project - T3 Consortium cares about the community and is working with educators to promote local history in fun new way - Basking Ridge, New Jersey - Coloring book fans will soon have a new opportunity to color the local history of the Somerset Hills area of New Jersey while learning about the areas historic sites and most memorable moments.Click Here to Learn More

Videotrekker Films Builds Internet Presence to Deliver Rich Media for Anyone - New Vernon New Jersey
Videotrekkerfilms.com is a breakout company that's focusing on creating a very unique value proposition.
Founded by Alex Williams in 2009, Alex had previously been working with other boutique video production outfits and felt it was time he branch out and create his own brand. "I've got a very good value proposition to offer," Learn more about why Videotrekker Films has sometime powerful to say. Click Here to Learn More

General Contractor Builds Their New Home on the Web - Basking Ridge, New Jersey
One of the most overlooked business sectors to embrace the technologies of the web and the power it brings, one local general contractor decided it was time to put down the nail gun and stake their claim on the internet. Freda Construction, a family owned and operated builder and general contractor since 1967 chose T3 Consortium to integrate an internet strategy into their normal business plan.Click Here to Learn More

T3 Consortium to re-design Vanderveer House site for the internet - Bedminster, New Jersey
As the famed historic home nears an expansive visitor center expansion, T3 Consortium has begun work to communicate the their efforts with a new website as part of an overall communications effort. Find out more... Click Here to Learn More

Technology has EVERYTHING to do with Hamburgers - New Jersey
T3 Consortium searches thru the latest technologies to bring some light on why the Best Burger in America must be plotted and it's going to use the internet to provide the infomation that ultimately let's the consumer know more than they ever dreamed. Discussions around data mining, tracking, mapping, and mashing up everyting into one big burger mess! Find out more... Click Here to Learn More

Small and Mid-Size Business now have a High Speed Low Cost Fiber Optic Network option. New Jersey
T3 Consortium partners with Optimum as reseller/integrator of choice for New Jersey Businesses. "If your business spends more than $2,000/month on combined network and telephone services, learn why you need to contact T3 now. Click Here to Learn More

New Somerset Hills History Mash Up ready for Beta - Basking Ridge, New Jersey
What happens when you take today's technology and mash it up against Googles Map and Satellite Technology. Find Out Click Here to Learn More

Global Wealth Management Division begins redesign effort of Quality Management Area - New York, New York
As new leadership takes hold at the former Dean Witter Reynolds division, a complete IT overhaul begins at the famed institution. Click Here to Learn More

T3 Partners with famed Historical Society to create web presence - Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Bringing The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills into the digital age opens the door to history for all.Click Here to Learn More

Now that HP has purchased Mercury, what can you expect? - New York
Hear from the experts on what they expect.Click Here to Learn More

Why Mercury's Quality Center is one of the most important testing tools you will Ever Use! - New York
Even if your company has purchased the right tools for the job, those tools may be sitting on the shelf because the implementation process has not been clearly defined or agreed upon.Click Here to Learn More

T3 Consortium LLC introduces new Software Quality Assurance Quality CoE Framework- New York
It's a new day in software QA framework design, integrating Business Compliance, Software Quality Assurance, Functional Testing, and Automated Regression testing all under one consistent framework. Wrap that around the latest Center of Excellence (CoE) design, and you've got a powerful QA solution.Click Here to Learn More

Quality is HOT- H1-B Visas are not-See the shocking revelations from today's business leaders Click Here to Learn More

Sarbanes Oxley Governace & Compliance Digitization and Automation Efforts Begin - Basking Ridge, NJ
While the 2005 baseball season is just underway, this SOX's has nothing to do with baseball but this SOX WILL impact every public company in America. So whether you want to recognize SOX or not, there is a better way to move your Sarbanes Oxley Governance Programs into the digital age.Click Here to Learn More

T3 Consortium signs as Mercury Gold Partner
In an effort to deliver a higher quality of Information Technology services, T3C has been accepted as a Mercury Alliance Gold Solutions Partner Click Here to Learn More
What does rotating soil and ITIL have in common? A closer look the lighter side of what ITIL means to software professionals (and how to avoid crop damage)...Click Here to Learn More
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Hits the Business Section cover of the New York Times (AGAIN) Companies Behaving Badly and for what? Find out why... Click Here to Learn More
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance to Sec 404 extended
See what the FCC has done to extend Sarbanes compliance requirements for public companies.
Sunday, March 6, 2005-  Click Here to Learn More

About Us:
The T3 Consortium is a broad based LLC enterprise interlinking key business services that demonstrate innovative business capabilities, best-of-breed entrepreneurial spirit, and an unparalleled dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Information Technology Services, Health Services, Professional, Retail, and Real Estate Relocation services is what we deliver for our clients.


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