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News and Events involving or impacting the businesses of T3 Consortium. For additional information about any of the information contained here, please feel free to contact us directly.
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Videos of Interest

HP visits New York City to share ideas with the financial services industry. While T3 Consortium is a key supporter of the efforts to optomise business technology services, see how key HP leaders engage to get insight and direction.

T3 Consortium LLC offers comprehensive QualityManagment Programs (Quality Assurance/Quality Control), management consulting, and professional services custom tailored for medium and large IT organizations looking to maximize quality, minimize risk, and conform to governance and compliance standards.

Full Software Development Lifecycle Quality Integration that makes a difference.

HP Software Universe provides insight on how T3 Consortium partners with the largest IT company in the world delivering impressive business technology solutions. And a little humor never hurts.

In today’s economic downturn, no sector may be impacted more than manufacturing, retail and distribution as companies face lower consumer spending, trading down and tight credit markets. But innovative business technology can help companies achieve better business outcomes even – in fact, especially – in tough times.

Listen and learn why we believe Capgemini has it right.

About Us:
The T3 Consortium is a broad based LLC enterprise interlinking key business services that demonstrate innovative business capabilities, best-of-breed entrepreneurial spirit, and an unparalleled dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Information Technology Services, Health Services, Professional, Retail, and Real Estate Relocation services is what we deliver for our clients.

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