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Business Continuity Solutions

For a free consultation with one of our Business Continuity Solutions Specialists, Click HereOptimum Lightpath and T3 for your Business

Optimum Lightpath's business continuity solutions help businesses avoid the costs and disruption of network downtime. They are designed both to prevent interruption of mission-critical operations and to swiftly reestablish full functionality in the event of a disruption. By leveraging our standard and unique network assets, Optimum Lightpath's business continuity solutions offer businesses an opportunity to mitigate risk through improved network resiliency and diversity. The effectiveness of our approach has been proven under the most trying of circumstances, including the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack and its aftermath, and the blackout that devastated much of the Northeast in August 2003.

A customized business continuity solution from Optimum Lightpath begins with a business continuity audit. Working closely with your organization, Optimum Lightpath professionals:

  • Identify your mission-critical operations
  • Assess your risk tolerance for service disruption
  • Analyze your emergency communication procedures
  • Evaluate the vulnerability of your existing network operations

By the end of the audit, both you and Optimum Lightpath clearly understand what types of capabilities and network requirements are needed to sustain your critical applications and communications.

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Encompassing data, Internet and voice solutions, Optimum Lightpath's business continuity solutions:

  • Reduce risk
  • Add resiliency
  • Provide diversity and/or redundancy
  • Address failovers
  • Support mission-critical operations and applications.

Optimum Lightpath's business continuity solutions offer businesses the following advantages:

  • Voice protection—such as remote activation or deactivation of call forwarding
  • Toll-free protection—such as emergency re-routing of toll-free calls
  • Network and access protection—such as route diversity and dual entrance and other services designed to maintain network function and access
  • Virtual network protection—such as secure managed virtual private networks
  • Internet security—such as managed firewalls and other services for secure Internet connectivity.

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Optimum Lightpath's network is built for survival to reduce a customer's risk and ensure communications continue during normal business and in emergency situations:

  • The Optimum Lightpath Network is built with redundant optics and fiber throughout the core, distribution and access layers
  • Ethernet services are provisioned with SONET-like, carrier class recovery of <50 ms
  • Resilient network power protection at all main hub and 5ESS locations
  • Optimum Lightpath voice services are provisioned with direct connections between Optimum Lightpath 5ESS locations and the public switched network
  • The Optimum Lightpath Network Operations Center provides 24x7x365 network monitoring
  • Optimum Lightpath's network connections to multiple Tier One Internet providers ensure diversity to the Internet for optimal performance.

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