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The Unofficial Historical Site

In mid 2006 - T3 Consortium was commissioned to create the web presence for The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills.

See the History of Basking Ridge - Click Here

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Know More about...
The History of the Somerset Hills

Each of the websites and information below, unless designated as an original T3 Consortium document or link, is being provided to you as a courtesy. T3 Consortium, LLC and it's affiliates are not responsible for its content and references. This website has been provided as a courtesy to those relocating to the Somerset Hills and Basking Ridge areas. T3 Consortium LLC has no affiliation with The Historical Society of Somerset Hills.

Brick Academy 15 West Oak St., Basking Ridge. 1809 seminary, Federal style of architecture. Representative of the numerous classical seminaries created in New Jersey during the 19th century for educating the sons of wealthy citizens of the state. Owned by Bernards Township and operated by the Historical Society of the Somerset Hills. For research and questions: Open the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 9:30 a.m. to noon, or by appointment. Museum: Open Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m., except summer and holidays.  908-221-1770   Brick Academy & Museum
(Home of The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills)
Open Sundays 2-4 (except Summer and Holidays)
THSSH Library Open First & Third Wednesdays 9:30-12
15 West Oak Street, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Directions  Click Here
Someret Hills vol 1Somerset Hills vol2 Great Books about the Area
The Somerset Hills vols 1&2
Created by Jack Turpin and Barry Thomson provide detailed history and photographs of some of the greatest estates in the country.
Mountain Colony Press
Images of America
Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner and Lyons
In the Somerset Hills
Available Online via used booksellers or I got copies at the Bernards Township Library or The Bookworm, Bernardsville, NJ
What's a Mashup

Interactive History of the Somerset Hills area

"What I've tried to do here, is give people one central place to get an idea of what went on, where it happened, and provide a little color and graphics along with some of today's most interesting technology" says Brooks Betz, the volunteer creator of the Somerset Hills History Mash-up. The beta (test version) was released this week.

See the Mash Up....Click Here

Did you know...

i History of Basking Ridge and other interesting historical tidbits...Click Here

Fast Tidbits

The Basking Ridge area (3,000 acres) was purchased by John Harrison, agent of King James III of England, from the Lenape Indians in 1717 for only $50 . That's only $60 per acre!

In 1912, the richest man in the world lived in Basking Ridge? True!

Washington and Lafayette picnicked and colonial troops rested under the old oak tree in Basking Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard.

See other interesting facts on the History of Basking Ridge  Click Here

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A six page overview of Historical information about Basking Ridge, New Jersey

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2006 Officers of The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills
Chairman, June Campbell
President, Daniel Lincoln
V.P. Diane O'Connor
Secretary, Lawrence Terricone
Treasurer, Richard Macksoud
Trustees: Joseph Callahan,
John Campbell
David Connolly
Sylvia Gambony
Florence Hallgring
George Helinke
June Kennedy
Donald Lorenz,
Marcella Miccolis
Ann Parsekian
Ken Salvo
Larry Schwenk
Constance Smythe
Mildred Van Dyke

Tom & Karen Fitzsimons

Historical Timelines:
Significant Dates Relating
to the Somerset Hills

Somerset County set off from Middlesex on May 22.

Early settlers 'in Bedminster area are Huguenots, Scots-Irish and later, Germans from the Palatinate--John Van Doren, Hugh Gaston, the Castners, Craigs and others.

Large contingent of Scots-Irish Presbyterians arrive in Bernards Township area. John Harrison agent of the King of England, who purchased land from Indians, sells parcels for development. Also, there are "squatters" who occupy area.

John Annin (really John Johnston of Annandale, Scotland) arrives 'in Bernards and soon takes title to 1,000 acres purchased for him by his father. The settlement is known as Annin's Corner until the Revolution, when the area's name is changed to Liberty Comer. Logtown, a distinct settlement near Basking Ridge, is founded and exists 100 years as an independent community along Hardscrabble Road. It may have been named for a sawmill or logs brought in for an iron forge, In 1723 an Englishman, Canfield, establishes a fulling and textile mill and brings in workers from abroad to man it. Several multi-family houses are said to have been built near the mill for workers. During the period of greatest activity, there is believed to have been a gristmill, a carpet weaving shop, several stores and some mechanics' shops. Nearby farms raise wool and flax for local sale.

In May, Frederick Freylinghuysen, William Paterson, John Witherspoon, Jacob Hardenbergh and James Linn serve as Somerset's delegates to the Provincial Congress meeting 'in Burlington.

1781 - August
The French troops, including Rochambeau stops over at what was then called Bullions Tavern (Liberty Corner) with somewhere around 4,000 troops for a brief stopover before marching South to argubely the deciding battles of the Revolutionary War.

Warren Township is formed from Bernards and Bridgewater Townships.

The Basking Ridge Classical School (the Brick Academy) is built in Basking Ridge, its pupils drawn from areas along the Eastern Seaboard. Graduates enter the College of New Jersey (Princeton)

The Lenape Indians accept $2,000 from the white settlers for relinquishing their remaining hunting and fishing rights in Somerset County.

The railroad arrives! Many more people settle in area.

In the 90s flamboyant Bernardsville mountain life reaches its peek with polo matches, private racetracks, balls, servants' balls, commuters' coaches-and-fours racing-to the railroad station. The town grows as large numbers of Italian and Hungarian artisans and gardeners, and English and Irish servants are brought 'in to build and serve the great estates. At 5 A.M. each morning, it is said, bands of laborers start for work up the mountain, many on foot, singing. Today, the estates are being divided into smaller acre plots.

Peapack-Gladstone is set off from Bedminster Township as an independent borough.

Far Hills is set off from Bernards Township.

Bernardsville is set off from Bernards Township.

The Veterans Administration Hospital at Lyons opens its doors to receive and treat the nation's veterans.


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