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Favorite Items:

T3 Swiss Army Knife

Polo Shirt




The Store




While this isn't the biggest store on the internet, it's full of things that have been referred to in articles, process white papers, or just plain neat to have items. While we don't endorse any one particular item, we have personally read or reviewed each of the items in the T3 Store. Basically, each item comes with a T3 Consortium STAMP of Approval.

Clothing - Gadgets - Books - Coffee

Embroidered Polo $29.95
Embroidered Shirt $9.95

Embroidered Adjustable Cap $19.95

Polo Shirts (Black)
T-Shirt (White)
Baseball Cap (Blue)
Baseball Cap (Black)
Baseball Cap (Sand)

email us for details and availability


 Special mini Swiss Army knife
just for our IT Friends.
Price: $55USD
Nail File
Infrared Light
USB Hub 64mg
USB Chord
Key ring/Battery Included



If there is a particular item you're looking for that you've seen from any of our marketing or sales promotions, please send us a note and we'll do our best to find the item(s) you request.


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Click Here for additional information on this service

Click Here for additional information on this service
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