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Visit the T3 Consortium Blog to learn more about the power of online video and how the internet is the most cost effective way to put video to your potential customers

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Video Production

Roll 'em...Why Video
Makes Business Sense

Video for AllImagine a short video introduction on your website expressing thanks for visiting and presenting a short introduction to your products and services. Statistics have proven time and time again that if you don't capture your audiences attention quickly, you're going to loose them to a competitor.

How are you building your business?
Are you promoting yourself on the internet?

For those looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, internet video commercials are perhaps the most valuable promotional tools available today.

The Internet Has Grown Up

Until now, providing enough bandwidth for streaming video has been an inhibitor for providing professional quality video on the internet. With the advancements in technology along with production capabilities, professional grade video is now possible via the internet. So it's time to move and take advantage.

Your good at what you do. Creating a internet strategy that includes video is what we do.

Draw Your Customers In

Statistics have proven that those sites that use video to introduce their products or services have a greater ability to uniquely identify a brand and gives a potential customer a call to action more than any other internet method.

See two examples - which one do you remember?

Example 1 - Backblaze
Example 2 - Carbonite

About.com’s own survey looked at its five most popular topics. This survey determined that the topics which are most commonly selected may not be the most often completed by the viewers. It seems that the length of the video has a significant impact: the two videos with the highest completion rates were also the two shortest.

Online videos appeal to users in part because the viewing experience is largely in the user’s control. If a video is too long or fails to be engaging, users will click right past.

As part of an overall marketing strategy, T3 Consortium provides the ability to produce, host, and distribute video over the internet and dramatically increase your business marketing strategies.

Who Needs Video on the Web?

Professions that show tremendous opportunity for video enhanced websites include:

  • Small Businesses
  • Realtors (Offices/Agents/Properties)
  • Construction (builders/architects)
  • Independent Reps (professionals/products)
  • Students (pre-college introduction)
  • Products (demonstrations)

Whether you need a 15 second introduction video, or a 30 minute infomercial, let T3 Consortium guide you to the ultimate solution for promoting your products, services, and building your unique branding capability.

Full Service Integration -
From Concept thru Distribution

Let T3 Consortium guide you thru the entire process. Particular benefits include:

  • Pre-interview word scripting
  • Video Staging
  • Video recording, production, distribution.
  • Background video creation
  • Soundovers
  • Music supplements
  • Static image/photos insertion
  • Co-branding

Talk with us, we are sure that given the proper advice, you'll create a powerful branding experience with our internet video strategy.

Service Background

T3 Consortium has partnered with a local video production company to support our internet strategy. The exclusive partnership offers unparallel personal service to our customers.

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Online Video Examples

The #1 Online Marketing Technique
Don't believe us?
See the Neilson Report - Click Here

T3 Consortium -
Service Strategy Overview
5:30 minutes (YouTube)

Product Demonstration

BB Sales Group Product Introduction -
2:30 minutes (YouTube)





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Click Here for additional information on this service

Click Here for additional information on this service
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