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T3 Consortium LLC Introduces Software Quality Assurance Quality CoC Framework– 
New York

It’s a new day in software QA framework design for the enterprise, integrating business compliance and software quality assurance under one consistent framework. Building out an effective Center of Competence (CoC) design is tricky, but if you do it right, you’ve got a powerful cost effective QA solution.

T3 Consortium LLC introduces new Software Quality Assurance Framework platform for CoC’s

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T3 Consortium LLC introduces new Software Quality Assurance Framework platform
New York

It’s a new day in software QA framework design, integrating Business Compliance, Software Quality Assurance, Functional Testing, and Automated Regression testing all under one consistent framework. Wrap that around the latest Center of Competence (CoC) design, and you’ve got a powerful QA solution. T3 Consortium has announced a process driven methodology that ties CMM modeling into the Quality Assurance IT function, creating a powerful business solution for firms wanting to maximize the return of their IT spend.

Brooks Betz, Managing Director for T3 Consortium and Head of Service Development states “The concept of Center’s of Competence and Centers of Excellence are not new. The three key ingredients to this recipe are integrating a proven CMM quality methodology, taking advantage of new technologies, and lastly-  the right people who can properly survey the landscape and design the proper integration model.” But it doesn’t end there. Once the processes are in place, the technology and tools have to follow.

Let’s take automation as an example. If you took a survey, you’d probably find that in automobile manufacturing, no company would be able to compete without automation. But what people don’t seem to remember is that it takes money to save money. That startup capital, if managed properly, can yield tremendous return on investment (ROI). But don’t try to implement automation tools for IT Quality Assurance programs until you have your process house in order. Figure 2
Figure 2: Automation will continue to drain the bank if the framework is not designed correctly.

Rule No.1- don’t just script with tools out of the box.

This is also know as Mistake No. 1.

But there are answers.After the tools are in, then comes the critically important “tweak phase”. Remember to always be looking for opportunities to tweak the program to suit the user community (avoids the backlash).

Lastly, you globalize (or spread the load where you can take advantage of more than just the time zones). Exploiting the expertise from within the time zone that suits the project plan and covers the RISK elements first. You remember risk don’t you. It’s the FIRST and the PRIMARY thing you ALWAYS need to consider.

The illustration below indicates how if you’re going to walk up the stairs of CMM, you’ve got to realize what’s really happening. The objective is to not only get more proficient at it, you need to return a better ROI, higher quality, or lower risk (my last engagement was all three!).
Figure 3T3 Consortium understands CMM frameworks from a practical/real world perspective.
It’s not just hitting a new level- it’s recognizing how to climb it.

The small % numbers in the above example represent those gathered during a sample study of testing Program Managers across a global software tools vendor. While most Program Managers are in the first two groups, T3 Consortium’s expertise lies in the ability to get you to the 4th level, and the 5th if the ROI can warrant it!

T3 Consortium LLC is a specialist in global Quality Assurance Center of Competence (CoC) / Center of Excellence (CoE) design and implementation.

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