Social Networking Is Redefining Business Strategies

Social Netorking on the Internet Redefines Business Strategies

Basking Ridge, New Jersey
If you think you’re above needing social interaction on the internet for your business, then you’re missing the boat. Incorporating a social media

strategy using tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn significantly increases your customer touch points. Forget email, social networking online is a fantastic tool for reaching new and existing customers. Learn more about how to incorporate an overall internet strategy into your overall business plan.

Being Social Makes Good Business Sense

Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Take a long hard look at the logos above. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Known simply as the powerhouse business leaders to an internet segment called social networking. To the non-internet savy people, when you mention the term social networking, you get a mixed bag of reaction to exactly what you mean. Whether you’ve tried social networking or not, the one thing for sure…it’s powerful and it’s here to stay.

Just ask the “Gen M’ers”

Go to any college, high school, or grade school today where the sub 25 crowd are using mobile phones and you’ll see social networking in action. They’re demographic is known as the Gen M’ers (or millennials) for Generation Mobile. Texting and mobile applications are the #1 reason kids want phones today (It’s not for making calls). Survey’s indicate that kids who have cell phones with SMS texting capabilities send 1,000 to 10,000% more text messages vs. traditional calling. But the texting is becoming leveraged. On steroids. Social networking applications on these mobile phones are giving people the opportunity to “broadcast” in ways we’ve never seen before.

Communication is Changing

Think about it for a minute. For those who have kids know that the communication divide is growing wider and wider. Cell phones are now in the hands of ten year olds. SMS texting is the primary method of communication for younger generations and it’s only going to grow more as adults try to stay engaged with the younger crowd.

Technology is expanding the capabilities as well and the possibilities are endless. While the internet was the first wave of social networking, the next battle ground will be the mobile smartphone screen. Businesses are looking for ways to get their message out using low cost, high frequency methods that can be almost instantaneous. Forget about bulk mail- it’s over!

It’s time you had a strategy on how you can leverage social networking to increase your business marketing and social presence on the internet and the mobile communities.

Get the Word out – Or Someone Else Will

It’s time you had a strategy. Bringing your communication and marketing strategies in line with social networking is a key driver for any successful business plan. One thing’s for sure, if you don’t do it, your compeitor will.

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